Astrid Herler
Astrid Herler

Hello and welcome to my homepageI I am happy to present my work, my offer to you!


I believe we are all very well acquainted with the challenges of daily life!  The joy, the love and success, but also the failures, the injuries of the past, the unresolved grief, the anger against injustice that has been experienced. The list can go on and on endlessly...


Perhaps you are not even sure why you feel unwell? Or maybe you already know what the reason is, but you can not let go and can not get over it? You might also feel that your physical problems result from your mental and emotional state? Together we can find out what your current issue is and see if we can resolve it together. My energetic work in a safe secure and beautiful environment will support you!  Just call me for a treatment in Maria Anzbach, lower Austria (30min from Vienna, reachable with the train).

You want to have access constantly to the unconditional, infinite love in order to help yourself at any time? During Reiki courses in Vienna and Maria Anzbach I can teach you how to open yourself to this loving energy, so that you can make use of it anytime you need it.

Just call me or send me an email for an appointment!

Reiki courses in Vienna and Maria Anzbach (Lower Austria)

The 1st degree of Reiki – Consciously activate your self-regulating forces
The first degree enables you to give ‘hands-on’ Reiki to yourself and others at any time. Reiki also works on animals and plants. You learn how to be a channel for the Reiki energy without using your own energy.
The ability to give Reiki healing is passed on through 4 traditional attunements, which last for a life time. These attunements can broaden our extrasensory perception. Our awareness, our sensitivity increases, regarding ourselves as well as our fellow human beings. This enables us to cope more easily with the problems we are facing in life.
The 2nd degree of Reiki – Beyond space and time
The second degree increases vibrational strength and enables you to channel Reiki at distance. You will be attuned in 3 symbols. The second degree enables you to realize the light and the love in all aspects of your being and to take responsibility for your life and actions. By doing this, we are no longer at the mercy of others. It enables us to manage our life and allows us to be happy.
The 3rd degree of Reiki – Master degree / spiritual development
With the third degree you receive the full vibrational strength. You will be attuned to the last symbol. This degree is for all Reiki practitioners, who have discovered their spiritual consciousness and who want to broaden it. Through the master symbol we obtain access to realities which are beyond our polarity. It shows us the Reiki way of BEING NOW. The path to your own master ship starts here. I strongly advise you to attend this degree only when you can say YES full-heartedly!

1st. Reiki degree: 260,-; 2nd Reiki degree 360 (340,-*), 3rd. Reiki degree € 480,- (460,-*)

* Cheaper prices if you already participated in my courses.


Maria Anzbach: Individual courses with only one participant from Monday to Friday without surcharge.
Vienna: Only on Saturdays or Sundays and minimum participants 2


Legal position
Reiki is not meant to replace medical diagnosis or treatment of any or all diseases and / or conditions. Reiki courses do not replace the regular doctor or psychologist. Reiki works in conjunction with regular medical or psychological treatment. If one has a medical or psychological condition, it is recommended that one sees a licensed health care professional. Reiki holistic healing works in harmony with all other forms of healing, including drugs, surgery, psychological care or any other method of alternative care and will improve the results. A Reiki Master/teacher does not give any diagnosis nor promise any cure. The attendances at seminars happen voluntarily. Every participant bears full responsibility on her/his way to or from a seminar.